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For the best results in advertising your property, it is necessary to fill in correctly and utmost all the fields of the property form.
“All Cyprus Properties” is providing property sellers with great advertising support both on the Internet and in the printed mass-media. We use up-to-date innovative technologies, what helps to attract potential buyers.
The selection of properties for sale is presented in magazine All Cyprus Properties, in advertising booklets All Cyprus Properties, on the web site All Cyprus Properties and also on the sites of our associates in Cyprus and abroad. We are not just displaying details of your listings – as soon as you register your property on our web site All Cyprus Properties will simultaneously inform interested buyers about your offer via short message services.


1. Why do our clients choose web site to advertise their properties?

Multilingual support. The uniqueness of our web site is that most of the information you submit is automatically translated into three languages – Greek, English, and Russian! When you upload property details in the language you prefer – 70% of this information is duplicated in other two languages.
Listings are displayed on the main markets without involving third parties. Information about your property in three languages with your contact details will be offered on three main markets. Potential buyers, agents, Real Estates in Russia, UK, Cyprus and other countries can get in touch with you directly, using contact details used upon the registration.
Extensive network of associates. Information displayed on our web site is used by most of the Real Estate companies in Russia, UK, Cyprus and other countries.
Advertising support. All-Cyprus-Properties issues a monthly newspaper in three languages, where there are advertised properties from our web site including pictures, full information and contact details of the owner which helps to extend the coverage of potential buyers. There are also arranged conferences and web site presentations in Russia, UK, Cyprus and other countries that attract lots of potential partners and clients.
The biggest property database. For the effective search of the properties in Cyprus it is more convenient to use the completed database of the listings, which are presented on our web site. Moreover our web site gives a client an opportunity to contact the property owners directly.

2. How to register on

If you decided to add your property on our web site for the first time you need to enter the registration page. Choose one out of four options representing your status (developer, Real Estate, agent or property owner), fill in the registration form accurately and click - Register.
Note! It is important to use your current and valid e-mail address to register on our web site and when adding the contact details to submit the phone numbers with the correct international calling code as it is shown here - +357 XXXXXXXX.

3. How to add your property on

In order to add a property to this website you will need to register first. Next step is to login to the web site by submitting your e-mail and password. Choose “SALE” button if you want to sell your property or “RENT” button if you are willing to rent it Select type of property you would like to add (Residential, Commercial or Land) for sales section or type of rental (Short-term (price per day) or Long-term (price per month)) for lettings section.
Note! It is important to fill in correctly and utmost all the fields of the property form.

Examples of  filling up the listing form for different types of properties:

- selling residential property;
- selling commercial property;
- selling plot of land;
- renting your property on short-term basis;
- renting your property on long-term basis.

4. What fields of the listing form should be filled in for property’s efficient advertising in our database?

It is advised to fill in “External Features” and “Internal Features” fields utmost, since these details will be automatically duplicated in 3 languages, which gives a potential buyer a better understanding of the offered property’s value. Part of the property details added will be hidden from other users, for instance «the Name of the Project », «Internal Info» etc., but those fields will be visible to the owner who has added the given listing. This information will make it easy to search and update properties.

5.  Are there any limitations in uploading photos onto the web site?

When adding the property pictures it is necessary to insert files in JPEG 1024x768px format and not more than 500kb in size and it is not advised to use photographs with contact details on them.

6. What kind of information is prohibited to upload onto the web site?

When adding property’s description it is not advised to mention any names of Real Estate Agents or Developers as well as contact details. Please note that any information that contains offensive expressions or improper language will be moderated.

7. How can you subscribe or cancel service of receiving newsletters via sms and e-mails?

If you would like to subscribe for e-mail newsletter, you'll need to fill in the “E-mail:*” field with your valid e-mail address and click “Subscribe”. Your
e-mail will be automatically added to our database. If you would like to subscribe to our sms newsletter, you'll need to fill in the “Mobile:*” field with your mobile number and click “Subscribe”. Your mobile number will be automatically added to our database.