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All major Development companies and Real Estate Agencies who sell properties in different areas of the island, have already chosen our web site as the professional advertising platform for promoting their properties.

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Nicosia District


Development Companies
Real Estate Companies
Kotsonis Enterprises Ltd

Limassol District  
Development Companies
Real Estate Companies
A. Kinnis Group of Companies
A. Tryfonos Estate Ltd
A.M. Ikodomia Ltd
A.Nearchou Developers Ltd
Allwin Property Services Ltd
Anta Developers
APL developments
Askanis Developers Ltd
Athanasiou Constraction & Development
C & M Petrides Developers Ltd
C2S Stylianides Group Ltd
Chr.Athanasiou Constructions&Developments
Chrigesa Constructions & Developments
Compass Developers
Constantinos & Saimon Developers Ltd
Country Rose
D&H Executive Homes Ltd
D. Demetriou Developers Ltd
D.Zavos Group
Direction Developments Co. Ltd
Eca Properties On Line
ECO Developments & Construction Ltd
Evangelou & Constantinides Developers Ltd
G.Stilianu Group of Compani
Galatariotis Group of Companies
Galaxia Estates
Georgiou & Sons Developers Ltd
High Point Developers
Ikisco Development Co Ltd
Imperio Properties
Interlink Construction & Development
Internodium Developments
Iron Investments Ltd
J&Th. Theodorou Developments LTD
J.V. Iacovou Developers Ltd
John Theodorou Group
K.Hunter Property Services Ltd.
K.S.Evangelou Construction & Developers Ltd
Kanika Developments
Karaolis Contractors-Developers Ltd.
Kokkonis Homes
Kouloundis Developers ltd
Lanitis Development
Lemestia Estates Ltd.
Loizou Bros Developments Ltd
Lordos Estates Ltd.
Lordos&Kassinos Ltd
M & M Ergon Constructions Ltd
M. Siallas & Sons Ltd
M.G. Olympic Residence Ltd
Menelaos Antoniou
MFC developers
Nicolaou Vista Land Ltd
Nicos Christou Developments LTD
NK Corallia Developers Ltd
P.Harakis Ltd
Palatino Developments Ltd
Panaretos Investments Ltd
Pandomus Property Developers
Panicos Tylliros Construction & Development Ltd
Panikos Kanaris Contructors Ltd
Panstepa Contractors & Developers Ltd
Pavlos Theocharous Properties Ltd.
Petevinos Group
Prime Property Group
Property Gallery Developers and Constructors Ltd
Pyrgotis Developers
S IORDANOU contractors and developers
Samis Investment Ltd.
SandLand Developements
Sandland Developments Ltd
Saparillas Holdings Limited
Sovateri Trading Company Ltd.
Stavros Demosthenous Contractors
T&M Construction Developers Ltd
Takis Vashiotis Ltd.
Tassos G. Anastasiou Developments LTD
Termite Estates LTD
The Residence
Thera Land developers
Thomaides Properties
TKB Developers
Toumazis Contractors & Developers
Vineland Developments
Vineland Developments
Winport Group
Y.Kallis Group
Yiatros Group
Antonis Loizou & Associates
C.N.C. Takiana Enterprises Ltd
Chariklis Estates
City Living Real Estate
Fox Real Astate Agency Network ltd
Lemesos Estates
Nearchou Estate Agents Ltd
Larnaca District
Development Companies
Real Estate Companies
DJK Developments
Hassapis Land Developers
Iacovou Brothers Ltd.
Lordos Properties Group
Patroclos Group of Companies
Quality Group
S. Demetriou Contractors-Developers ltd
Zolotoi invest
Capital Growth Consultancy
Pafos District  
Development Companies
Real Estate Companies
A.Georgiou Kleanthous Constructions & Developers
Andreas Georgiou Property Developers
Aristo Developers Ltd
Chronis Developments Ltd
Constantinou Bros. Developers
G&V Hadjidemosthenous Property Developers
J.Aristodemou Ideal Homes Ltd
Kleanthis Savva Developers
Kouroushibros Property Developers
Landgeo Construction Ltd
Leptos Estates
Maispa Developers
Natavel Developers
Oni & Co ltd
Pafilia Property Developers Ltd
Paschali Developers
Prospecta Development Ltd
Tsasof Construction Ltd
Waterside Developers
Paradise Marketing(Robinson)Ltd
Famagusta District  
Development Companies
Real Estate Companies
A.Chacholis Developers Ltd.
Demari Developers
Giovani Developers
Karayiannas Developers & Constructors
Karma Developers
Oikos Developers Ltd.
Sunshine Luxury Villas
Tsokkos Developers
Yasemis & sons developers